[SOLVED] Does playcanvas cache data to make loading faster?

Hi! I’m beginning the process of optimizing my playcanvas project. There have been times when the loading process was quite long (measured with the profiler), but usually they go way down after loading the first time. Recently, I haven’t been able to replicate those long loading times at all.

I figure that I need to be able to have some consistency in my profiling so that I know if my optimizations are having an effect.

Does playcanvas cache data? If so, is there a way to turn this off while I’m profiling? Is it something else I’m not thinking of?


Hi @Ezra_Szanton,

Yes, there is resource caching automatically done by the browser, not by the PlayCanvas engine. Much like regular webpages where files like images, scripts etc are saved to the browser cache for quicker access in the future.

The easiest way to clear/disable this behavior on your PlayCanvas launch/build pages is to open the browser dev tools and finding the relevant option. In most browsers it’s available in the Network tab and usually named “Disable cache”.


And here is a guide on how to access the browser dev tools:



Thank you!

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