[SOLVED] Does playcanvas/3d models have the concept of physical size measurements

Hello lovely community, have a very basic question.

When I import 3d models created in other apps like Revit or unity, I’m finding models completely off scale from each other. Like a furniture that’s the size of a mouse relative to a floor plan. And another too huge. So my question is this:

  1. Do 3D models(.fbx file) have a concept of physical measurements, like this is 10 feet in width and so on.
  2. If so, is this preserved across different softwarres like when importing from unity to placanvas or Revit to playcanvas?

I know once I import these models into playcanvas I can rescale them, but I plan to load these furniture models dynamically from different vendors and it’s going to be really hard to rescale each and every furniture catalog, to fit to scale. So I’m hoping there’s a way we can tell the floor plan generators and furniture catalog guys to prescale it to so and so width/height physical measurements.

Wow, thank you. This pretty much solves my problem.
So if I understand this right, 3d files don’t really have the concept of actual physical metrics. Just an arbitrary concept of unit, that is preserved across 3d software suites ?

Generally yes although some 3D suites may interrupt what a unit is differently. I would just ensure that all the artists are using the same scale in terms of unit size and you should be fine.

gotcha, thanks guys :slight_smile: