[SOLVED] Discourse Plugin

Any plans for implementing this Discourse plugin by chance?
It allows the marking of threads as a: Solved Solution.
Which not only helps with newcomers or researchers, but also helps with practical thread and category organization.

If you need an example of what it looks like https://blenderartists.org uses this plugin for community purposes.

My experience here is that the solution is often a combination of posts. Multiple posts can also provide an alternative solution. So I have my reservations about marking a single post as solution.

Thread creators can also mark their own posts (e.g initial question post) as a thread’s solution too. It would basically be easier for people browsing through the forum threads for solutions and/or new daily/weekly posts to search by marked solutions. Another example is that people new to Discourse don’t always realize that there is a unofficial method of including a, “[SOLVED],” string in their thread’s title. Having an easy mark solution like the green-button in the screenshot below would potentially be more intuitive/logical to newcomers, thus creating awareness of the option…

No plans at the moment. We’ve discussed this before it just adds to more maintenance/moderation and expectations on the forums

The solved tag we add manually is something that is not rigidly enforced for much the same reason

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