[SOLVED] Disconnected... Reconnecting in # seconds

I am seeing the following message repeated over and over in one of my projects. This started around 5:25 PM PDT 4/21/16 .

This is the error in the console…

This seems to be affecting all my projects.

Thank you!

A just only we can do is “Wait for reboot service”.
Someweeks before, a same trouble was happend.
Take a coffee break ! :smile:

It just kidding.
If you want to do coding, you can access codes by “Code” at project page.

We are resolving the issues at the moment, please bear with us. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you so much for your fast recovering works ! @vaios

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OK should all be working now. Damn log files filling up the disk!

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Hi all,

Sorry about the downtime. As Vaios mentioned, a full disk stopped one of a processes from running which stopped the editor working. The timing meant that it happened after all the team was in bed here. And on top of that, this area isn’t (currently) covered by our monitoring.

So rest assured, today I’ll be making sure we get proper monitoring on these processes so that we don’t have a repeat instance in the future.

Thanks and sorry again for the problems.

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