[SOLVED] Difference in (animated) model size

Below you see two models that are the same size. At least the values. However, the animated model is smaller than the non-animated model. Previously it was no big deal, because I could click on an animation in the animation component once to see the correct size of the model, but with the new anim component this is less easy. What can cause this difference in size and how can I fix this?


Are they the same model?

Yes, it’s just a copy of each other and in this case it’s the same template.

Are any of their parents at different scales? Which size is the correct one?

Also, why are they in different poses in the picture?


I don’t know, I have to compare that with the Blender model but I don’t know how.

Because I clicked on an animation in the animation component of the left one.
Then the size of the model decreased to that size. The right one has the default non-animated pose.

Chances are that the animation does some scaling so it changes size only when it is animated

Okay, I will see If I can make a change in Blender to avoid this.