[SOLVED] Difference between model and render skinInstance

I’m studying Cloth Simulation and I have a question.

As you can see in the picture, both model and render have skin Instance in mesh Instance, but when the asset is render, it’s printed as null.

According to the PlayCanvas API reference, it says null when the skinning is not used…
But is it correct that Render’s meshInstance is null even if there is a skinInstance?

Hi @Shin and welcome,

I think this is just a async loading issue. Since when you are printing the full object the skinInstance is in place in both cases.

Most likely when you try to print the skinInstance directly the asset hasn’t complete loading to populate those mesh instance properties.


Hello, @Leonidas Nice to meet you :sunglasses:

As you said, it was just an asynchronous issue :joy:

Thank you so much!

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