[SOLVED] Constantly changing a value in real time multiplayer

Hey everyone,

I have forked the real time multiplayer project, and am trying to do the following. Instead of updating the position of the entity like the tutorial does, I am constantly changing the tags of the entity randomly in a format similar to this - “no_one8”, where no_one is the first tag, and 8 is the randomly generated number. This is happening in the update function of the player. I have not changed the server set up at all, and the only change I have made in network.js is that instead of the position, I am transmitting the three randomly generated tags, and updating the same in a set of text elements. However, this doesn’t constantly update like I am expecting it to, and instead I must keep switching between tabs to see the changes. The video here shows the same - https://drive.google.com/file/d/11zzELxKVKwnuJ2n5oIoQxklUy12evKA-/view?usp=sharing.

How do I get it to constantly update without having to switch tabs?

EDITOR - https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1072136

Hi @DevilZ,

From your video it seems that messages get buffered when the tab is inactive, and are all sent at once when you activate it.

Your editor link seems to be private, are you able to make it public to take a look?

Ah, sorry about that. Should be public now.

Hmm, seems to be working here, as long as both windows are active the tags are getting changed and networked:

@Leonidas, the video isn’t loading on my end, will it be possible for you to send a cloud link? Even if I open it in two devices, there is some amount of lag.

I think you can download the video to your device using the following link, it’s a normal .mp4 video:


OK, I see it now. Must be a device issue on my end, or maybe a server connection issue to glitch. I’ll switch to Photon for this project in that case. Thanks for the clarification @Leonidas.

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Glitch servers are slower and are all based in the US.

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