[SOLVED] Console won't log the words 'you hit me' when the 'bullet' hits the enemy

i’m working on a type of multiplayer fps game, and i wanted to add enemies. So i coded an attribute called ‘health’ and told it log the words ‘health20’, which it did. but, when i told it to log the words ‘you hit me’ after the player’s bullet hit the enemy it didn’t. this is crucial because if it can’t log it, that means i can’t destroy it. any ideas?

Hi @Sledge_Gates1,

Can you share some instructions on where to look for that attribute and the code in question?

Your project is relatively large to easily find it.

sure. it should be in the enemy script.

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So, add the bullet tag to your bullet entity, and the message will work, you are missing it right now:


wow, i can’t believe i missed that small detail. thank you for your time

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