[SOLVED] Connectivity Issues


Since 2-3 hours I am facing this following issue while developing, the playcanvas editor as well as the launch is constantly connecting/disconnecting again and again, and it is wasting my time to reload so many times,
Please resolve this, all other websites are working correctly and there is no issue with my ISP.

This file wont just load, even if I try multiple times to reload,


Hi @Saad_Haider,

Is this still happening? It seems to be working fine for me right now.


Yes it is working fine now, this also happened to me 2-3 days ago, this really hinders our work, I would really expect that this never happens again.


It happens about once a week. After about 5 - 15min averything is okay again.
I guess it could be local area issues.

When it does happen, can you give a timestamp and timezone please? That will really help us narrow down any data.

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