[SOLVED] Compressing assets loaded remotely


Is it possible to use the new texture compression pipeline on assets loaded remotely during runtime?

Can’t find any references on a compression api on the docs and thinking it is probably a pipeline tight with editor at the moment.


Compression is implemented on our cloud, as it is CPU intensive work, we handle it for users.
But atm it is not exposed to everybody unfortunately, we are working towards exposing it to all users not just org type.

Potentially you could simply create Asset object, providing variations data in file, and it will work if urls have valid data.

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Thanks @max,

Would it be possible to download/export the compressed textures that are created when pressing Compress on the editor? To manually combine them as variations of a specific image file and load it remotely later.

If you download a build, they will be included, yep.

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@max, what is the filesize of a compressed texture relative to the original JPG/PNG file? I thought it would be lower.

I compressed a 2048x2048 PNG texture, with an original filesize of 13kb and it resulted in a 1MB dds file!

On the editor the it said it should be 2kb. Am I missing something?

It is a mostly transparent PNG with around 5-10% of it painted.

File sizes for compressed textures are shown as GZIP’ed - server from server in compressed form. When downloaded, size will be bigger of course.


Hi Max,

is it possible to serve DDS files GZIPed in Amazon Cloudfront / S3 ?

Thank you in advance,

Hi @zacx85. I think I’ve already answered this here.