[SOLVED] Compatibility with the image format WebP


I was wondering if Playcanvas adapted the image format WebP.
WebP is a relatively recent image format for web. It’s lossless and should be smaller then PNG or JPEG.

If it’s not an accepted format for Playcanvas, will it eventually be in the near futur?

Thanks in advance!

AFAIK, it isn’t supported. You can add it as new resource type in the engine (I’ve done something like this before) but it won’t be usable in the editor itself. You would have to load as though it’s an external resource and map it to materials yourself via code.

Oki, thanks for the info!

Do you know any Playcanvas admin who would tell me if it’s in their plan to add that format? :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t have thought so as usually, developers will tend to use the compressed textures that are GPU optimised instead. Also, webp isn’t yet widely supported and therefore I wouldn’t have thought be a priority just yet.