[SOLVED] Collision / Rigidbody with mesh not working as intended

Hi everyone,

I’m using an environment model and first person movement to move (w-s-a-d keys) the camera around on it.
The environment entity has a model-, collision- and rigidbody component, but the problem is that collision doesn’t work as intended. The player entity is not falling through the ground, but when I run into walls or other objects on the x-z axis, collision doesn’t happen where it should. It seems like the visual mesh and collision mesh are different. There is also collision with invisible objects, where it shouldn’t happen.

Any ideas?

Here is my Project


Hi @patriboz,

That’s quite weird, initially I thought if the rotation/scale of the mesh somehow confuses Ammo.js (it shouldn’t). So I imported your model in Blender to reset everything first, but still the same issue.

The collision mesh renders fine in editor, so Ammo.js produces the right shape. But somehow on launch it seems rotated?

Not sure really, @yaustar @LeXXik do you have any idea on this?

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I think the issue is in the camera setup. If you click on the player entity you will see that the camera is far away from the player’s actual position. Place the camera entity right on the player and i guess that will resolve the issue.


Yes, you are right @saif. I didn’t see that at all.
Thank you!