[SOLVED] Character walking through the terrain as though the collider for the terrain is just a flat plane


Here is the scene

Hi @Julianbull and welcome!

The problem is probably the movement of your character.

You cannot move a character with a dynamic rigidbody like this. Basically you currently just move the entity while the rigidbody stays at the same position with the same rotation. Instead, you need apply a force on the rigidbody of the entity. You can check the page below how to do this.


Oh, thanks very much

Now I’m just falling through the floor for some reason. The floor has a mesh collider.


It looks like you need you need to rotate the mesh.


Thankyou, but why? How much do I need to rotate, I don’t see the relation

How do you don’t see the relation?

If the ratotion of the collision mesh is not correct, the collision itself is not correct?

You can try to rotate the collision mesh 90 or -90 degrees, but I don’t know which axis.

It just seems like the character is falling endlessly. I’ve tried adjusting the rotation

I found out that the mesh need to have a -90 rotation on the X-axis, but the scale is also not correct and I’m not sure how to fix this. You probably need to use a child entiy for the collision and rigidbody component to be able to fix this scale problem.

Thanks, everything working now

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