[SOLVED] Changing render order in PlayCanvas

How could I change the render order of UI in Playcanvas by code?

Hi @yash_mehrotra,

You can drag and reorder layers around to change the rendering order, though usually the UI layer should come last to function correctly.

What are you trying to do?

@Leonidas I wanna render a 3D model over a UI image on my main screen panel.

Got it, then most likely you need to do this instead, use a secondary camera that renders the 3D model to an image. And afterwards use the image on a UI image element:


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I could not find the entity/element with the tag named “zombie-ui” in the above project?
Could you please highlight it somehow?

Sure, it’s this entity:

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@Leonidas What am I doing wrong here?

@Leonidas anything that you could debug?

Don’t bother I got it. The player model was not on the required layer. Thankyou.