[SOLVED] Changing Render Distance

Hi guys! So I’m making a game where you have to navigate through space. When the ship is flying past different ships, planets, etc., some of the objects render/come into the camera’s view way too late. It doesn’t look natural.

Is there a way to make sure the objects are rendered in quicker?

Hi @Krish_USCan,

Not sure what outcome you expect here, but the only setting that may affect the visual outcome of the 3D space would be the field of view (FOV) on your active camera.

Try playing with that on the camera component:

I tried using this and I don’t think it helped.
Let me try rephrasing it…
Essentially right now I can see 100cm in front of me, but I want to see 150cm in front of me.

Right, then increase the Far Clip property of your camera, if you need to render objects farther away.


Thanks! That worked

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does decreasing far clip reduce lag?

if it causes less meshes to render, then it makes rendering cheaper.