[SOLVED] Can't unfavorite a closed branch

Hey guys :slight_smile:
I don’t know if anyone ever reported on this, but you can’t unfavorite a closed branch. Which is pretty annoying, when you’re working on a project with other people and someone closes a branch before you can unfavorite it. You then have to reopen it, click on unfavorite and then close it again.

Is there a reason why we can’t, is this some information that is stored inside the branch? Shouldn’t this be user data and be unaffected by the state of the branch?

We have a ticket to unfavorite on closing here: https://github.com/playcanvas/editor/issues/322

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We implemented a fix for this today. Should be deployed in the next day or so.

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Awesome, thanks

The fix is now deployed. Let us know if you have any more problems.

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