[SOLVED] Can't find graphics device

We are currently using the platform for our ed tech product. Yesterday we executed a deploy of a new version of our app. For context we are self hosting and download a new build version through api. After last release we noticed application would not load and browser console showed the following error.

start.js:160 Device creation error: Error: Failed to allocated graphics device
at e.createGraphicsDevice (playcanvas-stable.min.js:1:1418218)
at createGraphicsDevice (start.js:157:12)
at main (start.js:316:5)
at start.js:338:1

After looking at previous versions of start.js we noticed a significant change from the previous version of the engine. Any assistance in debugging this issue would be greatly appreciated as we are unable to deploy new code currently
Deployment is basically downloading latest build and embedding in an iframe.

We are working on creating a new project to repro

Ping @mvaligursky @Mark_Lundin

Hi @Jurgen_Clausen1, sorry you’re getting this issue. Are you downloading the project using the playcanvas-rest-api-tools or just directly via the api end point?

Any chance of a repro for this?

It comes from code like this:

Could you put a breakpoint there and see what the gfxOptions contain?

We are downloading using a “forked” version of rest api tools. The quotes there are because it really a copied version, but we can’t went it was done though it was some time ago. We now comparing with latest version of rest api tools.

We got a stripped down copy of our deployment script running, now just need to create a quick server to test

So in the process of reproducing we identified the issue. Which was at dev level, we did not update a config file with the new engine version. Since the deploy script was a bit convoluted it was not so clear at first glance. Apologies for the alarm.


No worries! Glad you got it fixed :muscle: