[SOLVED] Can't figure out animation problem

I uploaded an animation to a 3d model going through the normal process of creating a new anim state graph and dragging in an animation. However, the preview animation only works until I drag it in the anim component in which case the preview only shows the 3d model standing in its initial t-pose. Launching the project doesn’t seem to work either. What could this issue could be?

PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine <–Link to project

Hi @Crab_H_man and welcome!

I checked your project and it looks like you already fixed the problem?

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Sorry, I forgot to update on the situation

Is it possible for me to delete this post to prevent further confusion?

If you share your solution it can help other users with the same problem.

I see, thanks!

Fix: The character medium in the hierarchy contains 2 things: Root and character medium.
The character medium paired with Root controls its rendering
The character medium containing Root and character medium controls the animations
My mistake was plugging the animations as well as the anim state graph into the anim component of the one paired with Root instead of the initial one.

Clicking on the character medium asset in the 3D space will take you to the one paired with Root, so it’s best to click on the initial character medium in the hierarchy. Had me confused for a bit too.

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