[SOLVED] Cannot Prefilter Cubemap on LeftBottom of Editor

I got the Console Log as following:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘format’ of undefined
at onLoad (editor.js:38053)
at Array. (editor.js:38119)
at ResourceLoader. (playcanvas-stable.js:34935)
at Object.callback (playcanvas-stable.js:35755)
at Http._onError (playcanvas-stable.js:20802)
at Http._onReadyStateChange (playcanvas-stable.js:20767)
at Http. (playcanvas-stable.js:20717)

I can’t repeat this problem. Are you able to share a project or the textures that you experience this with?

You can contact me privately if they the data is not public.


Now it seems well,