[SOLVED] Cannot download resources from other public projects from playcanvas anymore?

I used to be able to download the content (model, texture, script, etc) from the public official Playcanvas sample. But now there is no option to do that anymore. I can only download it from my project. I have just downloaded the stuff from like a couple days ago.

In the attached image you can see what I mean:

What should I do ?

Hi @Trong_Hieu_Nguyen and welcome!

I imagine this is on purpose, though @will or @vaios may be able to comment further.

A workaround would be to Fork the project in your personal account and then you will unlocked to download the assets.

Or in this case as its source code, open the code editor and copy and paste the script source.

I used to be able to download fbx model and texture from the Orange Rooom project as a way to learn how to unwrap the lightmap uv2 to bake textures.

Now it is not possible. And it was like possible from a couple days ago.

Hi @Trong_Hieu_Nguyen,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! It’s now been fixed.

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