[SOLVED] Can you build the Editor

I am aware that the PlayCanvas Engine can be built to work/run locally, as it is stated in the documentation:

However, is this method also available for the Editor? (Build the Editor)

Hi @RPaladin,

No, the PlayCanvas editor isn’t open source.

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Oh, ok… Thanks for the reply.

is it possible to “import” parts of the editor as component in to your own app?

Lets say I want to build my own 3d modeler inside my game. I want to show the front, back, top, perspective 3d editor windows like you typically have with 3d modeling software.

How would you achieve this? It would be great if say you could import a pc.editor.3dview and let your users manipulate with objects, maybe creating spheres etc by piggy back off Playcanvas editor UI

Hi @Aloragames,

Sadly that’s not possible, the PlayCanvas editor isn’t available to be used like that.

There are some part that are being open sourced and made available from time to time, like the PCUI which you can use in your application:

You can also take a look at the editor.js file, which contains the editor source code and is not minified on purpose. You can open and view it using the browser dev tools while the editor loads.

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