[SOLVED] Can Someone add a Font to my editor?

I will add whoever is willing to help, the reason why I need someone to do this is that I can’t unzip files
just a basic font please

Hi @Thebosser_24! I think you can also copy or download some fonts from the tutorial projects below. Please let me know if that’s possible. (I have seen Arial and some other fonts).


i tried to copy a font from my old game, and it didn’t work
but I will try to copy it off of a tutorial

it is not working, but i do like the Montserrat black font

You can also try to download the front first. If you click on the font asset, there is a download button on the right side of the screen.

and it downloads it, but my computer cannot unzip files… school restriction, I’ve tried to get around it
so when I try to add it in, it stays as a zip file, and it doesn’t work

Is it downloaded as a zip file? :thinking:

yes it is

That’s sad. Unfortunately, I’m not at home at the moment. If no one else did it already, I can add the font later today.

It should be possible to copy and paste a font asset. Click right on the font asset to copy it and click right in the asset panel of the other project to paste it.


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It worked? it might’ve taken some time to actually paste the font? :woman_shrugging:
well, it can be closed now :slight_smile:

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