[SOLVED] Can I access SplatData?

I would like to try some experiments with the Gaussian Splatting system - specifically a morph between two different splats. To do this I’ll need access to the uncompressed vertex data.
I’ve traced the code to SplatContainerResource and confirmed that compressed splats are decompressed before use, so all I really need is an interface that will let me access: gsAsset._resources[0].splatData
Is there an existing approach to reach _resources legitimately?
(Unfortunately ‘resource’ is a very common word, a search of the code and the forums turns up too many irrelevant results!)

Nevermind, I found it :slight_smile:
this.gsAsset.resources[0].splatData.elements[0].properties[0].storage etc

This is great! Please ask if you need anything else.

(Also perhaps keep in mind this is changing API so your stuff may stop working at some point!)