[SOLVED] Camera shows nothing when switching scenes

When the cutscene plays it switches from scen Seven to scene End, and it switches scenes but for some reason the camera shows nothing, any help? PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

How to reproduce the problem?

When I launch scene Seven I already can’t do anything.

It looks like the camera falls to the ground.

Yes, I set it so the transition cutscene plays automatically, the camera falling is the transition cutscene

Alright, but it doesn’t look like it changes to the other scene?

It does because the sound changes, it jas the other scenes sound but you cant see anything, that is the issue

Ok after some digging I still do not know what the source is, only that the End scene is the problem, because it can switch to others scenes fine except for the End scene and Intro but the End scene is just a modified version of the Intro, I tried lots of camera things in the End scene and even make a duplicate and but still nothing, so I know it is not a bug, I get it might be hard to find the source but if you see anything wrong plz let me know, here is a link to the End scene → PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

What screen do you see when the problem occurs? Can you share a screenshot of it?

What code do you use to switch to the other scene and where do you start the cutscene for the End scene? Where do you activate the player control when the cutscene is finished?

I did some checks and they all passed.

Here is a screenshot of what looks not right to me if you say it has to go to the End scene.

However, if I change it to ‘End’ the problem is not solved.

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Yeah I changed it to intro while looking for the problem, and the same issue is applied to the Intro scene as well, I also realized player activation is not the problem, this is very odd and I am starting to wonder if it could be the engine, but that is unlikley

I also realized another thing while testing yesterday, I think the problem is that the camera on the Seven scene is frozen and continues to show, perhaps the End and Intro scenes initialize weird
Edit: Ok, so I tested it with the camera component in the Seven scene disabled but it still shows nothing…

I think somewhere the wrong camara is defined.

Which scene?

I mean after the cutscene of scene Seven it looks like you keep seeing the camera of this cutscene for some reason.

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Yeah! But it is also strange that even after removing the camera component it still shows nothing, so something is preventing the End and Intro scenes to be loaded

Are you sure it is nothing and not just the floor entity you see? Maybe you check which camera’s are enabled?

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I have, you do continue to see the old camera after switching scenes, but it looks like nothing is rendered underneath that

I just did a small test, I disabled the cutscene and the player and player a camera that enabled and even that will not show after changing scenes

I did another test… in the end scene I disabled every except for the plain and the player and STILL, nothing shows, what is going on here…

Does it work correctly with other scenes or do you not use this in other scenes?

It is used in every scene, it only does this with Intro and End