[SOLVED] Building with an older version of the engine


The latest version has broken a lot of things on our end, we however still have playtests, we have found a way to launch the project with an old version of the engine (1.46.5), but is it possible to make a build with an older version of the engine?

  • Mads

Could you please create some issues / let us know what’s broken on your side.

Sorry i should have added that we are in contact with the team on mail.

But the building with an older version seemed like a separate problem that potentially could be fixed here, and would add value to other projects as well.

Not possible on the PlayCanvas host side but if you are self hosting, then after you download a build of the project, swap out the playcanvas-stable.min.js with a different version of the engine from code.playcanvas.com (eg https://code.playcanvas.com/playcanvas-1.46.5.min.js)

@Mads_Nielsen We have reverted the anim layer mask work on engine release 1.47.1 if that’s the issue with the project?

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Ahh perfect :slight_smile: That was the problem, thanks for the quick support @yaustar