[SOLVED] Build in custom server black screen but app running

Hi guys…

I’ve downloaded a build of a project and try to running on my server. Loading screen runs perfectly and app is “running” (the console logs are running normally)… but the screen it’s totally black.

This occurs in my local server (with http-server) and in my online server.

Any tip for this?


Any errors in console? Can you share a link to your online server to take a look?

no errors… the console shows some custom development logs. I notice the keyboard input events are not running either.

The link you can check: lw.chewuaka.com.


Warnings/errors from the console:

I believe the issue is because you are not running via an HTTPS server, just HTTP.

Also, the server is not configured to serve .wasm files as mimetype application/wasm

Please see: Self-hosting for beginners | Learn PlayCanvas

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Actually, looking into it a bit more, you don’t have a camera in the scene, hence it’s black.

If I add a camera component to the Headset entity and rotate 180 degrees on the Y axis, I see this

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Ok @yaustar… it’s my first deploy in my own server :sweat_smile:. I will investigate more with these tips!!! I think I not exported the project correctly because this is a scene that loads additively in a main scene that has the camera…

The injector is a useful tool!! :heart_eyes:

Thanks a lot!!!