[SOLVED] Build export : Concatenate Scripts returns a 403 forbidden error


I am trying to export my build with the PlayCanvas REST API, but I have a forbidden access (error 403) on only one script (a .js file in my playcanvas project), preventing to execute the build after the loading screen. It does the same thing if i try to publish the build on your servers (PlayCanv.as url)

URL of the request: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/apps.playcanvas.com/1KDdRKJT/files/assets/18885537/1/SmartCMSDataModel.js

Project ID : 610759

I have the exact same script in another PlayCanvas Project, and I do not have this error.

The export is working when I am disabling Concatenate scripts. Is it possible there is an issue with your servers ? or I am doing something wrong in my project.

Thank you,

It’s odd that it doesn’t work when you concatenate your scripts as if this file was part of the project exported, it be part of the concatenation.

Ok, I had to delete my file and recreate my script , then copy paste the code from my previous project (no changes have been made in the code), and it is working now… Really weird (out of sync issue with the server maybe ? )

Topic marked as solved, I will just recreate a new asset script if this issue occurs again.