[SOLVED] Boxes with materials acting strangely

Hello! I am quite new to the Play Canvas Community, and hope that this will be received with good will!
There is a problem when interacting with materials and boxes.

A screenshot best explains my dilemma.

As you can see, the rectangular cube box can be seen through the cube brick box, which is driving me crazy!!

Hi @Pin and welcome! Do I understand correctly that the rectangle box is behind the brick box? If that’s the case, maybe one of the materials has no depth enabled. If you share an editor link of your project, someone can take a look.

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Hello, @Albertos.
That is strange, as I have Depth write and test for all materials, So I believe that’s not the case.

Then maybe one of the entities is on a wrong layer?

Thank you! Apparently, the brick material had depth write off, so that was the problem. This can be marked as solved.

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