[SOLVED] Better info on dependent libraries - AR Image tracking example

While trying the " WebXR: AR Image Tracking" example on smartphone I get this error msg:

“Image tracking is not supported”

I have tried to install the ‘Web XR’ app from Google Services, but this does not seem to help
(before going further down that road: restarting phone, checking minimum requirements, installing x number of extra libraries etc), I want to know if this is the correct way to go?

As such; better info on dependent libraries could have been written within the example initially.

Are you using the latest version of Chrome on Android? WebXR AR is currently only supported by Chrome on Android at the moment.

Ok, using chrome and android … so ‘latest version’.
I maybe a bit off/backwards on mobile hardware for the present (had a Samsung s7, that broke and now back on Samsung s6, with whatever OS that follows)

  • but that is exactly my point/the issue:
    Playcanvas-developers might both be working on apps for different major-platforms [Personal Computers, Mac, handheld counterparts etc], but on mobile also different OS versions. So yes I would be in an ‘old end-user category’, but it doesn’t change the fact that not all has the ‘latest’ hardware/OS-software available.
    Suggestion: Make a strategy that helps all, and cite which platforms+OS-versions the tutorials fits, upon the Tutorial-websource :slight_smile:
    Here is my own googled sources:

  • and in relation to Chrome that seemed fruitless as well:


A tutorial-suggestion as a ps: PWA (Progressive Web Application) by Lighthouse and Service worker [this can secure browser-fullscreen on most devices]

Hi Thomas. Unfortunately we do not have control over which platforms support specific WebXR modules, like Image Tracking. In your case (Android + Chrome) that fully depends on Google Chrome (immersive web) team and your phone manufacturer on updating firmware and whitelisting your device for that particular feature.

PlayCanvas does not implement own image tracking solution, and only uses existing WebXR Specs, integrating it into the engine for developer convenience.

WebXR is not production ready API, as it is not widely supported by major browser vendors, Apple being the slowest here :frowning:

If you need a solution that supports more platforms and tries to cover majority of mid/high end devices, then check out https://www.8thwall.com/ - they do it well, but they are not cheap. Or some other alternative soltuons for specificaly solving image tracking using camera feed on the web.