[SOLVED] Best Leaderboard Implementation

Hi all,

I am thinking of integrating a Leaderboard into my game. What’s the best way to store data?

What do you mean by ‘best’? Are you looking for an off the shelf solution like PlayFab or creating your own service? What features do you need?

I’d prefer an off the shelf solution since I have time constraints. How would I use PlayFab to create a Leaderboard system?

Alternatively, I could use PouchDB. However, how would I make sure all scores go to the same database, and not a new one each time?

PlayFab is what I’ve used in the past for Unity apps and is free up to a certain point. As long as you don’t mind the limitations, it works pretty well.

I believe they have a JS runtime that you can use within the PlayCanvas project.

They also have decent documentation.

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I’ll take a look, thanks.