[SOLVED] Batching elements seem to be broken with new engine release

Hi all,
Before new engine release , i do batching elements with this code

            var elementsBatchId = pc.app.batcher.getGroupByName('batchElements').id;
            pc.app.root.findByTag('test').forEach(e=>e.element.batchGroupId=elementsBatchId );

But it seems that , with new release of engine (1.25.0 556ade1) , this code throws some error

Error is

i need to batch elements with dynamic=true like i did before.
So is there a bug
Any suggestions is appriciated

NOTE: Elements that i use , are trasparent
NOTE-2: when i enable/disable elements in dynamic batchgroup , it keeps throwing same error again

We have a fix and will release it shortly.

Fix is now deployed in Engine release v1.25.1. @esr_esr - please verify this works for you now.

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Yes i checked it. it s fixed now.Thank you guys for your efforts

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