[SOLVED] Basis Compressed Texture Assets - Preview Never Loads Scene


I gave the new Basis compression a try with a couple image texture assets that I am for now preloading. For some reason, those Basis-compressed assets seem to be preventing the preview from loading. Removing the Basis compression fixes the issue. In the profiler I see this:

which if I’m understanding the profiler correctly those 2 assets are still getting loaded? I looked at the devtools network requests, and according to that those 2 assets were already loaded. I relaunched the preview in a different browser, but I’m getting the same results. I’m using the ASTC compression algorithm.

Edit: Same thing with ETC.

Dumb question from me: Do you have the Basis library modules in the project?

I have not added any scripts to the project, do I need to?

On your Basis compressed texture asset, do you see this message or something different?

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Ohhh, that’s what that’s for. I thought that was for pre-compressed Basis assets lol. Thanks!

In 1.40.0 of the engine, there will be a clear message on what has happened and also it won’t stop the scene from loading.


Awesome, thanks as always!