[SOLVED] Balance speed of camera relative to

Hi I have issue because camera speed relative to gem from pc store is ok, but relative to city is too slow, so what should I do
the city is scaled by default by 0.01, and scaling it up or down ‘damage’ textures
should I just abandon this city model and choose sth else?
or maybe sth smaller for test?
I started with test scene but want to move to bigger environment, so maybe parking?

Can you not have the city as a child of a parent entity and scale up/down the parent to make it fit?

the city is template and child of root
so put the city into parent and scale the parent?


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yes got it the parent of city must be the same scale and now the speed of camera is ‘fluent’
so parent of city: 0.01 scale
city: 0.01 scale