[SOLVED] Baking lights broke my project

Below is an image I received after trying to open my project. . .

What I did last time before this happened:
Added about 16 point lights into my scene
Changed then all to inverse squared
Built Lightmap - still worked but there were some hot spots
Moved the appropriate point lights and baked in between each change.
Then suddenly after doing this to another point light the screen scene view went completely grey.
Closed tab and reopened project and was met with the popup shown in the image below.

Anyone know what happened here?

Hey, it usually happens when your application is taking alot of memory for rendering. You can restart the machine and it will be fine.


Thank you! that worked.

I figured it was a memory issue here but wasn’t sure how I could clear it. I always forget about the IT Crowd solution of “Turn it off and on again” :smiley: Thanks again!

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