[SOLVED] Bad mesh collider?

Hey people, hope you having a nice day.

Im making a trap for my game and there is something really odd happening with collision of that trap.

I have this basic trap object created in Blender, for collision i used mesh collider.

You can see the collision fits perfectly in object, however it seems that its not so perfect as it looks like.

When im standing near trap everthing is fine until trap rotate to this point and then it kills me for some reason, i have debug collision script turned on so i see every collision , but i guess the mesh collision was never drawn here so i cant exactly see where is the problem and how the collision looks like ingame, but at least you can see the players collision. The collision of trap should be as on the first picture.

Here is the point where i get killed for some reason, when i turn off the trap collision im not killed, so its coming directly from the trap, however i cant understand and see what is the problem as in editor collision looks fine, for trap to rotate i use simple script

Note: the trap collision works fine in every point, it has the same position as on the picture

Edit: Oh, you actually cant see player collision as it is turned off when the player dies so: image

Hi @smokys! I would like to see if I can reproduce your problem in an empty project. Can I get the model of your project please?

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Hello, @Albertos

Yes, i will send you a message

Problem is fixed, it was a problem in the model, had invisible cube object and play canvas did create a collision even with that invisible object, however the collision of the invisible object was not drawn in the editor.

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@smokys - if you still have the model with invisible cube around that was giving you the problem, it’d be great to create a small repro scene and create an issue, so that we can fix it.

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