[SOLVED] Audio malfunctions

I still don’t know how to link stuff. I loaded an mp3 audio file into the editor, but for some reason when I go to test the audio on the launch tab… it says that it is invalid.

Hi @secretscience! Can you share a link of your project please?

I do not know how to. But here is an image.

You can just share the url of the browser tab with the editor. Then someone can take a look. Did you also tried another file?

Below a tutorial to setup audio in your project.


okay?PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine does this work?

There is a problem with the audio file. I converted the file to another format and then I converted the converted file back to mp3 and that solves the problem. (If you don’t know how to do this, you can add me to your project so I can upload the new file for you).

Well… I can’t figure it out and, I don’t know what role would allow someone to upload files.

Read & Write access please.