[SOLVED] Asset streaming and ray casting concave meshes

Please let me introduce myself: I’m a total newbie in webgl related projects but I have a big experience in 3d and other render engines like Unreal, now I want to start using webgl experiments and obviously my first step is choosing a engine, but there are two things that will make my decision.

  • How PlayCanvas stream the contents? I mean my project should be able to download the assets in streaming without needing to download everything before the “game” starts. Also I played in the past with Google Marzipano, it uses cubemaps (I’ll need them too in this one), but it has a supernice feature, it allows you to define them in lots of resolutions and it starts using the lower res version and once is loaded it tries to download a higher res and so.

  • Can I make raycast to concave meshes? I need to get the real world coordinates of a picked point in screen space.

Thank you in advance!

You have functions that allow you to load something through http. I didn’t see any streaming whatsoever. As for differentiated quality downloading, it shouldn’t be difficult to write the kind of system you mentioned, by yourself.

It seems yes, I’m doing those (with procedurally generated meshes) and they work as they should.

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