[SOLVED] AR Stopped working

Hi again!
I spend my whole week on a AR project, it went all ok, but now it just dont work anymore. =(
I already replaced the artoolkit.min.js file from AR Starter Kit (PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine), but the error persists…

[artoolkit.min.js?id=30037658&branchId=d2f32415-e721-42f0-89fe-59a8e2b3606b:18]: Uncaught ExitStatus: Program terminated with exit(0)

at https://launch.playcanvas.com/api/assets/files/playcanvas-ar/artoolkit/artoolkit.min.js?id=30037658&branchId=d2f32415-e721-42f0-89fe-59a8e2b3606b:18:2247

This is the project launch link:

Someone knows what i can do? Maybe insert my project assets in fresh new ar template?
Thanks again, community, for helping me everytime!

Did it just stop working? Or was this because of a change that was made in the project?

With this, I would fork the project start looking at reverting changes (are you using version control?) such as using the Hiro marker instead of a custom one.

The starter project still works fine so there must be something in the project that is causing issues.

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Update: Changing artoolkit.min.js file (link bellow) fixed the error in first project was well

Maybe i did an accidental change, but i look in every component, it`s all the same when was working.

My solution was downloading every asset (because i dont have an paid plan to export, yet) and put it in new project, fork from ar sample.
But i did a little change that made the experience much smoother:
I changed the artoolkit.min.js file for this one listed here:

I think this is an updated version of the file. So for now is working very well with markers.

In fact what i need is a tracker with no borders, like an image, but the NFT solution is not working for me because i dont manage to create an good NFT marker from there: https://carnaux.github.io/NFT-Marker-Creator/
But i`ll discuss it in another topic.

Thanks so much for your attention, @yaustar !

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