[SOLVED] Apply a different texture to another face of the object 3D

I’m developing a wall using 3D object (Box) with the following values for scale (4, 4, 1). I applied a texture and it looked very good on the front and back, but on the sides it didn’t look so good (Due to the lower z-axis value). I would like to know if it is possible to apply a different texture on another face of the 3d object?

Front view

Side view

Note that texture has been compressed and has lost quality

My objective

Image edited just to illustrate the result I’m trying to achieve

Link to a similar project:

Hey, you will have to attach a separate material to the side face, and only then you can apply the different texture to it.
To attach a separate material to a face, you will need 3d modeling software like blender or 3dmax to assign it new material as you can’t do that in playcanvas.


Based on your answer I was able to solve my problem using Blender. Thanks a lot!