[SOLVED] Anytime i import an animation in fbx format it uploads the textures and assets

yes like it said in the title yes im having problems i have like 400 fbx files i need to upload just for one characters animations in my game but anytime i go do that i have to do it one by one and also it uploads the characters textures and materials how do i stop this.

Hi @Cometz and welcome!

It’s not clear to me what exactly your problem is. Do I understand correctly that you only need an animation? I wonder what kind of asset you are uploading, because a normal animation asset doesn’t have textures?

Maybe the manual can help you.



im uploading sonic generations animations

If the problem is that you uploaded unnecessary files, you can filter the files on type (like animation). After that you can place the necessary files for example in a separate folder, so you can easily remove the unnecessary files.

If the problem is that you have a lot of folders after uploading, you can disable ‘Create FBX folder’ in the project settings.

my problem is that any time i upload an animation of like any sort it uploads the sonic model the textures for it and everything along with the animations it takes so long because if i upload 2 files i get double the textures sonic models and materials and the animation if i upload say 4 i get quadruple the textures sonic models and materials and the animation. my problem is sense sonic has so many animations that are gonna come together soon so his animation looks smooth when the player is controlling him that if i group 4 or 8 files together it takes forever. i wanna know how i get rid of the textures sonic model and only make it so it only uploads the animation if that makes sense.

its fine if this wont get solved because i can always work on my project in some way shape or form and figure it out when its time.

It sounds like you need to extract the files somehow before uploading, so you can upload the animation files only.

i found my issue i have to delete everything one by one in blender as in like the materials and stuff

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