[SOLVED] AnimEvents causing errors in engine v1.43.0

Hello guys,

Since the engine has been updated to v1.43.0 earlier today, one of the projects got broken with following error messages (call stack overload?):



Worked well in v1.42.0.

we’ll investigate, thanks.

Just a reminder that you can do this to be unblocked:


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@Igor Would you be able to provide an example project please? I can’t reproduce on an existing Anim State Project that I have.

Same for us. Previously working animations break now.

@stan Would you be able to provide us with an example project (private or public) that we can look at please?

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Of course, I’ll try to prepare a test project and share it here.

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Many thanks!

@yaustar here is the sample project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Click or touch anywhere on the screen to enable the model/animation. At that moment, the “maximum call stack size exceeded” issue reveals.

I’ve noticed that it possibly happens to animation clips with duration === 0 (not sure though, but most likely the issue comes from here, see attached screenshot)

P.S. The same bug also present in the editor. I disabled the scooter model by default to prevent editor from crash when you open the scene :slight_smile:

Thanks, Elliott is on the case!

A fix has been merged.

I’ll deploy 1.43.1 now.

1.43.1 is now live. FIXED! :tada: