[SOLVED] Animation Issues Final Build and AWS


I am running into a strange issue with animations not running in a final build.

I have a single animation, and have tried both by simply having activate checked, as well as by using animation.play. The animation plays fine in the editor, and when build and uploaded to a drag-and-drop like itch.io or simmer.io it also plays fine. However, when uploaded to a webhost like AWS the animation does not play - everything else is as normal.

Has this been encountered before? I’ve tried several re-builds and re-uploads so I don’t think it’s an issue with that.

File name issue.

Default exported animations from Blender use a vertical bar “Armature|abcde”, AWS converts that to an underscore. So if quickly loading animations via string (animation.play"Armature|abcde") this will cause issues on AWS.

Anyway, fixable if you double check the filenames with those referenced in code upon build.

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