[SOLVED] Animation bugs after engine update


After the latest engine update, most of my GLB animations broke. I have a series of products that have open/close animations, and now parts of the model goes into weird positions or rotations as soon as I play one of its clips.

I had the same problem with JSON objects, but switching to GLB seemed to have fixed it. Now it’s back… :-/

All my source FBX models animate just fine in 3DSMax when imported…

Is there anything going on with the way Playcanvas handles the animations that’s different in the new engine version vs the previous?

Are you able to share a small project that reproduces the problem?

I’ve been experiencing some related issues.

I had a bunch of clones of the same entity, and only the “main” entity got animated.

In my case I noticed that: If two entities have the same name in the hierarchy. Only the first entity in the hierarchy gets to play that animation.

my solution was to name every clone differently by its id property

OK, but if we don’t have a reproducible test case, we can’t identify and fix potential bugs.


Here is a test case. Notice how “Player clone” gets animated just because it’s name is different

Interesting - thanks for sharing this.

So it seems the problem was introduced between 1.38.0 and 1.38.1.

Release notes for 1.38.1 are here:

I’ll isolate the exact commit responsible.


So it’s this PR that introduced the problem:

Calling @Elliott. :smile: Let’s fix this tomorrow as a matter of urgency and deploy 1.38.4.


Fix is now deployed: