[SOLVED] Animated camera

Good evening guys, i was wondering if the camera can have an animation, like animated movement from point to point. In certain point i want my camera move from point to point facing towards my player. I tried to code the camera with lerping and lookAt function but i would like to make it much smoother with nice looking at my player and having the same Z axis position as my player has.

I found this video on youtube but could not figure out where to find this “timeline” tab.

Hi @smokys! Do you mean something like the project below?


Hello @Albertos, thank you for your reply. It should be something like that yes, but as I can see it is made through large and complicated script for me as a begginer, I was rather thinking of something more easier like creating an animation in app created for making animations. At least the movement, rotation can be easily done in code. Or maybe im just wrong and the code is simple and only looks too complicated for me haha!

Im very bad with coding/setting cameras probably :smiley:

The code is a bit complicated indeed. I used a part of the code to throw a stone and visual the throw line. I’m not sure but maybe you can also use a tween for this?

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Well that is actually not bad idea tho, as i dont need too complicated camera ways and only from point to point in straight line. I might think about that :face_with_monocle: Thank you :slight_smile:

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You could use a tween if it’s just point to point. https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/tweening/

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Thank you guys. I will use it :slight_smile: