[SOLVED]Alpha textures not working after Compression even though "Alpha" was checked


In my current project i compressed all the textures, after having problems with Iphones changing filters more that 3 times. This dind’t fix the problem and now the alpha doesn’t work when running the build through mobile :/. Is there any way to fix this, since reimporting pictures doesn’t seem to work?

On Pc it works fine:

But on mobile the alpha doesn’t work anymore:

The Background how it looks in the inspector:

Also after Compression im having problems seing the textures in the scene?

Since i’m still a noob at playcanvas, i really hope someone can help me :confused:

I can’t see anything i post on the canvasses anymore at all in the editor o.O

I ended up forking the project to which i can now see the canvasses in the editor again. I then replaced the compressed textures with new ones and it now works again. I still have the problem with IOS where the screen turns black sadly. The buttons remain, but the rest is black hmm

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