[SOLVED] Alpha sorting issues

It is a bit hard to describe cause it behaves differently for similar instances but basically I have several planes displaying textures some of which use opacity maps, but it looks like the opacity maps do not work properly cause the planes on top cut squares into planes below them hiding them and showing planes in background which do not use opacity. Everything was fine until last Tuesday since than I was trying to figure out what changed but was not able so I if someone can offer advice I would really appreciate that.

Can you link to a project which displays the issues?

Well I am not the owner of any of the projects and right now they are private.

If you could make simple example with placeholder assets that highlights the problem, that would be really useful to help us debug and fix a problem.

Ok, will try to create a project with the issue

Ok, managed to create a simple project that shows the issue I am experincing.

And now its fine… after I cleared the cache and refreshed.

[Edit] Added a text script that shows what the issue looks like. (this script was working fine before as well so I assume something was changed what I need to take into account and update the script but I am kind of lost)

Thank you for project, we will look into that.
Looks like blend-sorting issue here.

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Hi was looking into a different issue we had and noticed that if I set Frustum Culling to false it fixes the issue for me.

Hi @Tomas, we’ve deployed some recent changes to engine, the issue shall be sorted now.
Thank you a lot for reporting and making small project with replicating a problem - this kind of support really helps!

Glad I could help at leas a bit.

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