[SOLVED] All sounds in the app stop playing when you exit the ad and return to the game

Hello, I’m a Japanese developer.
I’m currently using PlayCanvas to develop SnapMini.

I played an interstitial ad at the end of the game results, but after closing the ad and coming back to the game, all the sounds stopped playing.
After that, the game runs normally and there are no errors, so I can play it, but I can’t play the sound.
When the next interstitial ad played, the ad sound played fine, but the game sound still didn’t play.

How do I resolve this issue? Thank you.

I also posted a question on the Snap forums, but it seems that all the posts on the forums have not received an official answer in August.
Is it not working…?

Hi @miyako_xeen,

I don’t have any experience with that specifically, most likely it’s a Snap SDK issue. @yaustar do you have any idea?

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Thank you.
If you press the menu button at the bottom right of the screen and return to the game, or open the notification window on your smartphone and then return to the game, all the sounds that were executed while the sound could not be played will be played at once.
After that, it has been confirmed that the sound is played normally until the advertisement is displayed.
Are you aware of this phenomenon? Could it be a SnapSDK issue?

Hello @miyako_xeen

Could you send me your project and steps to reproduce the issue either here or privately through a DM? We have no reports of this issue but I’d be happy to take a look.

Thank you. @poliveira
When I run the following project content as SnapMini, the problem is reproduced.
In SnapMini, I specify the URL and run it.

Also, I could not reproduce the issue on an iOS device.
Thank you in advance.

Maybe the fix below is related?

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Thanks for the info.
I will check the content.

The latest 1.56.0 version of the engine solved the problem.
Thank you!