[SOLVED] Again, collision not working

I have already checked my code with the playcanvas team, and they said it was correct. I am making a skiing game with a bee, and when the bee hits the finish line, I want to change the x position by 10. My code has collision triggers, and everything set up. It is set to the finish line. If anyone could tell me if I have rigidbody problems or collision set up wrong that would be great! Here is my trigger script, and here is my project! I hope that I can resolve this issue! Thanks!

Hi @CRAYPHiSHQUESTIONS I see that you have the player and the trigger volume static rigidbody on it, please note this graph for events between rigid bodies and trigger volumes:

I have forked your project and made the player a kinematic rigidbody and removed the static rigidbody from the boundary line,

I also fixed some reference error in this script

And this is where you can change the position in x by 10, I am just making it go to the position it started from.

Also note that in the player script I changed the setPosition to rigidbody.teleport since it has kinematic rigidbody on it.

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Hey this worked! Thank you so much! I will keep this graph as a reference!