[SOLVED] Advice for creating sphere world terrain?

How would you go about making a sphere entity look like a generic planet (with grass + dirt ground, hills of varying elevation, 3d trees)?

Not sure if more context will help this question: I’ve recently started learning playcanvas (and javascript) by building a basic game to get comfortable with the interface and scripting. I’m now working on applying cosmetic improvements to the world, and a bit stuck at working with a “sphere world”; I couldn’t figure out how to apply the PC tutorial terrain generation to a non-flat plane, so curious if anyone could offer a suggestion. Thank you kindly in advance!

Just a random thought that crossed my mind when reading your post - maybe you could use some Vertex Shader vertex manipulation to make the flat terrain plane look like a sphere one? Not exactly spehere, but the playable, visible area would be bent as you desire. Depends on the exact look you want, but according to the picture you linked that could be somewhat achievable. I’ve just used this technique myself to bend to world downwards on the Z-axis in my latest project. Maybe that could be a way :wink:

Thanks @Karel_Otruba! Your approach for bending the world along an axis sounds awesome (and efficient!). After poking around other people’s showcases, I took a lower-effort solution:

a) download an asset from google poly; I was able to find everything from trees, hills, buildings, etc.
b) import *.obj file into blender software, and export as *.fbx file
c) import *.fbx file into playcanvas and manipulate it’s position / rotation until it looks kosher