[SOLVED] A question on the 1 GB limit for the free plan


I have a question about the 1 GB limit that is on the free plan.

So currently I have two projects. Now I like both of those projects and I worked hard on them. But I have run out of space and I don’t know if i can afford to pay 15 dollars every month.

So my question is, If I delete one of the projects that I have, will it free up some space so that I could finish the other one?

If the answer is no, then Could I pay for one month and finish my game within that month and leave it like that?

Also, thank you for your time.

Hi @DinoCalebProductions! Please don’t delete something you work on. I think there are a couple of options to save some storage, but I think @yaustar can make it a little easier for you. If not, I will help you further.

OK, thank you.

what other options do I have?

What is your PlayCanvas username, I can bump up storage a bit for you/have a look at what is taking up room

Ok, thank you, my username for playcanvas is also DinoCalebProductions.

In general, you have VERY large assets in your projects:

For example, you don’t need the zip file in your project and do you need your textures to be 8K x 4K?

I have bumped up the storage for you but going forward, you have to think about how big your assets need to be for your projects and whether they should be reduced down.

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Thank you very much. I did not realize that my textures were so big. I will be more careful on how much space I take up now.

But Thank you very much!

I have one last question. How exactly do you lower the pixel amount?

Also I don’t need my textures to be 4K. Because I’m not trying to make a “realistic” game.

Thank you for pointing that out though.

You resize the image to a lower resolution and upload to replace the existing one

thank you I already figured it out